Our Strategic

Since launching our Transformational Strategy in the beginning of fiscal 2015 through the end of fiscal 2018, we have made considerable progress.
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As of the end of fiscal 2018, we are a bigger company with net sales up 13.1% since March 2014 and much more profitable with adjusted diluted EPS up ~61%.

Consistent with our strategic objective to create superior long-term value for shareholders, we have achieved cumulative total shareholder returns of ~39% and ~143% over the past four and five fiscal years, respectively.

We increased cash from operations by ~42% from FY14 to FY18 and expanded adjusted operating margin by 1.1 percentage point even as we re-invested a portion of that into supporting our core and into improving our shared services across all of Helen of Troy.

In the marketplace, we have achieved share improvements in key categories, especially for our Leadership Brands, which represented approximately 77% of our revenue in fiscal 2018 and delivered an even higher percentage of our profits.

We have also increased the efficiency of our balance sheet with inventory down ~13% compared to the end of FY14, while sales have increased 13.1% over that period.

We have deployed significant capital since March of 2014, making three acquisitions and several opportunistic share repurchases. Our strategic priorities have cascaded through all departments, regions and business segments, ensuring we are focused on achieving the full potential of our transformation strategies for the future.

In fiscal year 2019, our capital allocation priorities remain the same. We will continue to use the strong cash flow generation of our business and the financial flexibility of our balance sheet to invest in our core business first, then search for accretive acquisitions, and then consider return of capital to shareholders.
Note: As reported for continuing operations. We refer to certain GAAP and non-GAAP measures used by management to evaluate financial performance.