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Quality & Standards

We are committed to providing our customers and consumers with products that have superior quality, reliability, and performance. We are also committed to complying with all national and international laws and regulations as well as to continually improving our products and processes in providing these products. We believe that our future depends on this. We believe that this can be achieved through our greatest asset, our employees. Through a management team that has a positive approach to quality, productivity, and employee relations, our employees perform to the highest standards and have an unwavering focus on the customer’s and consumer’s needs at all times.



Nome prodotto Carta Plastica Altri materiali
Item A PAP20 LDPE4 Instruction paper sheet (PAP22)
Item B PAP20 LDPE4 Paper pulp mold tray
Item C PAP21 PET1 Product Instruction booklet (PAP22) , Polybag for Product Instruction booklet (LDPE4)
Item D LDPE4 Plastic plug (HDPE2)