Nomination Form: 5th Annual CEO Awards

We are grateful you are considering nominating an extraordinary individual or team for the Fifth Annual CEO Awards and The Power Of ONE Team Awards. Before you submit your nomination (scroll down to the bottom of this page), please review the following information:

  • Time Period: The associate or team should be recognized for work during Fiscal Year 2021 (from March 2020 through February 2021).
  • Eligibility to Win: Up to senior director level for the individual award. There is no job level requirement for a team.
  • Extraordinary Individual and Team Performance
    • Personally (or as a team) took actions that significantly benefited the Company, tying into one or more of our Transformation Phase II strategies
    • Exemplify our I RISE Values and culture through The Power Of ONE by feeling and acting like passionate owners, building our business and the people around them, and have a passion for excellence and winning
    • Significantly – and consistently – exceed their goals and manager expectations
    • Display an exceptional level of leadership or initiative during a crisis, major event, or one-time project – all contributing to an exemplary outcome
  • Nomination Form: Fill out your first and last name, your work e-mail address, and then select “type of nominee” – individual or team. Complete the fields from there, including as many details as possible (including metrics) to help improve the CEO Awards Selection Panel’s ability to evaluate each nominee for these special awards. Click “submit” when completed.
  • New For This Year’s Nominations: 
    • To simplify and standardize the nomination process, please note that there is a limit of 5,000 characters per field for the nomination form.
    • In addition, feel free to add any attachments you deem appropriate to help the CEO Awards Selection Panel accurately and fully judge the nomination. Please do not use the attachments to expand on the nomination form fields.
    • Lastly, we have increased the weighting in our judging for our I RISE Values and Power Of ONE Culture so make sure to provide detailed information in that section of the nomination form.
  • Nomination Deadline: Friday, July 30th
  • Questions? Send an e-mail to Erich Williams in HR at [email protected].
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