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"We believe that staying in touch and deeply connecting both internally and externally with our key stakeholders will be a key source of competitive advantage for Helen of Troy. In keeping with our commitment to ESG, we believe that a strong and transparent ESG plan will provide lasting long-term benefits and continuous improvement to our key stakeholders as we respond to their interests and evolving needs."

— Julien R. Mininberg, CEO



ESG at Helen of Troy
Since fiscal 2019, we began developing our ESG strategy by implementing a cross-functional, company-wide Task Force to accelerate and bring focus to the many grassroots efforts that have been underway at Helen of Troy over the years. In fiscal 2020, we formalized our ESG efforts by expanding Board oversight through the Corporate Governance Committee. In fiscal 2021, the Task Force, with our ESG Director, identified the Company’s key ESG topics and begun implementing a consolidated approach to address actual, emerging, and potential risks.

Ethical Standards and Fair Operating Practices
Risk and Opportunities
Stakeholder Engagement
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Financial Performance.

Fiscal 2019 marked the completion of Phase I of our Transformation, which delivered superior performance across a wide range of measures. Fiscal 2020 began our Phase II Transformation and is designed to drive the next five years of progress. The long-term objectives of Phase II include further organic sales growth, continued margin expansion, significant further progress on our organization and culture, and strategic and effective capital deployment.
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fiscal 2021 total consolidated net sales

units of production

36%of Revenue
from products that contribute to social issues (known as total social revenue)

    Environmental Performance

    We aim to minimize our impact on the environment and intend to manage our environmental impacts where possible and as appropriate. We are working to implement a system to minimize negative impacts of our practices on the environment, both in our direct operations and with our suppliers. With more than 90% of the energy, water, and waste related to our products occurring through our suppliers, our environmental efforts are especially focused on working with them.

    Metric Tons Recycled
    of metal, paper fiber, electronics, and other miscellaneous waste in our distribution centers

    Water Withdrawn
    from High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress Areas

    ‘Gigaton Guru’
    Recognition Earned in Fiscal 2020
    from key customer, Walmart, as part of their Project Gigaton, which focuses on engaging their suppliers in climate action

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      Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

      Helen of Troy strongly condemns racism, discrimination, hatred, violence, and the loss of lives. We have taken action by implementing several strategic and highly-visible diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that we believe will result in true enduring improvement for all our stakeholders. These initiatives include:

      • Required unconscious bias training for all associates
      • Active listening sessions
      • Creation of a new company-wide diversity, equity and inclusion leadership position
      • New multi-year programs related to recruiting, monetary donations, and volunteerism

      We have received positive support for these initiatives and their alignment with our ongoing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. As we reaffirm our commitment to positive change by making the implicit much more explicit, we celebrate all races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientation, and gender identities.

      Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion makes lives better and our Company stronger.

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      Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report summarizes our ESG approach and performance.

      We recognize that a thriving society and environment are key to the long-term success of any business.  We are, therefore, committed to not only responding to the evolving needs of our key stakeholder groups, but also to strategically addressing our environmental and social impacts.

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